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Machinery sale – Brøndlundgård nursery HedeDanmark

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Sales plan Brøndlundgård nursery HedeDanmark Sales plan • The intention is to sell machinery, tools and equipment from Brøndlundgård nursery on a continuous basis as and when they become available. • See the annexes below. The numbering of annexes (A, B, C) refers to the contemplated time of sale as set out in the time schedule below. • Annex A is complete. The remaining annexes are provisional lists because additional machinery, tools and equipment are likely to be added gradually. Time schedule • Annex A – Sale June 2017 • Annex B – Sale late spring 2018 • Annex C – Sale December 2019 Terms and conditions • Interested parties must provide their contact details through our website. • Only bidders with a business registration (CVR) number may submit a bid. • Each round of sales will begin with one day, shortly before the deadline for submission of bids, during which the relevant items may be inspected. • After having expressed an interest in bidding for an item, interes ted parties may submit bids for those items through a closed bid round. Prices must be stated exclusive of VAT, and bids must be submitted in writing – stating price and article number – by email to: no later than the 16 June. • Bidders may submit one bid in writing, and the item will generally be sold to the highest bidder. Please note that HedeDanmark reserves the right to reject bids and not to accept any bids. (Bids which do not comply with these terms and conditions will not be accepted.) • Items will be sold “as is” with no warranty of any kind. • Payment: 14 days net after receipt of notice confirming acceptance of bid (such notice will be given through the issue of an invoice by HedeDanmark). • No item will be handed over until the purchase price has been paid. • Items must be collected by the buyer on site. Any freight or shipping must be arranged by and for the account of the buyer. Items must be collected within three weeks of payment. • Loading: Subject to agreement thereon, HedeDanmark may assist in loading of machinery. • The bidding process and purchases are subject to Danish law. General specifications All machines, tractors, etc. are designed for a growing system with the following specifications: • 172 centimetres from mid-track to mid-track • Five rows with a row distance of 25 centimetres

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Name: Lars Bjerre Hansen
Telephone: +45 24 98 23 90

*Prices do not include delivery which must be arranged directly with the seller. Payments must be made directly to the seller.